Athlete of the Month, Nadia Elfessi


Athlete of the Month, Nadia Elfessi

Meet Nadia! 

I started CF in July I think. But I did it for 6 months about 3 years ago in Columbus when I was in college. I started it because I love the team aspect of working out. I also love that it’s different than the stereotypical type of workout for a woman. I love lifting. But at most gyms, the weight room area is filled with a bunch of men who hog the weights (mostly just by standing in front of the bar looking at their muscles haha). And I always felt judged when at a gym. At crossfit, I never feel that way so that’s a big thing for me. My favorite lift is a clean and jerk. Least favorite is snatch BY FAR! Physically before crossfit, I lost all of my strength. I would skip lifting because I could tell my strength was decreasing and I wasn’t happy with myself so I ignored it. Mentally I was pretty much at the same point I am now. Just was getting sick of going to the gym so found myself going less. Since I started, I’m much stronger and way more confident. Accepting myself and my body image has strengthened. Even if my body itself hasn’t changed a great deal, I feel better about myself!

Fun Facts!

Favorite candy: Twix let’s pull and peel
Hometown: onalaska, wi
Odd skills: can’t really think of any at the moment, but I’ll update you.
Occupation: Physician Assistant in Inpatient Cardiology at Mayo
Hobbies: reading. I’m getting into cooking!
Favorite TV show: Blacklist or Shameless at the moment.
Favorite crossfit athlete : Shellie Eddington. (Used to go to the gym with her is really the only reason haha)
Favorite color: green
What gets me inspired: talking with my family and friends. Reading. Puppies