Athlete of the month, Scott Hinkel


Athlete of the month, Scott Hinkel

scottGet to know Scott! We asked Scott some questions about his training and experience here at the box. Here is what he had to say!

Why did you start? Started in April of 2014. Needed an organized workout gym, near to our NE home.

How long have you been doing it? 3yrs & 8 mos. minus several months enjoying the Florida winter warmth & sunshine.

What are your favorite lifts? Have been really enjoying the gymnastic workouts, with weekly repeats. I’ve challenged myself each week to do better and have seen the results.

Any story beyond that- Getting encouragement from Dave & Joshua is a great motivator for me.

Where were you mentally and physically before CrossFit Credence? I had been retired for almost a year, trying to workout on my own. It was hard and almost impossible to motivate myself, and really no fun. Running on a treadmill was boring and lonely. I also needed a community to associate with, having left my IBM community of 37 years. Both of these situations were troubling. Dr Liz invited me to a Friends Day, Although I did not work out at that time, it did encourage me as a possibility. Joined up as soon as we returned from our 2014 Florida vacation.

Where are you now? I cannot get enough of Credence Crossfit. Unfortunately at 65, my body can handle just so much. I love the community, love getting a physical workout in an hour, and love to be physically fit. I see too many of my retired IBM colleagues going in the wrong direction.

What are your results since you started, mental, physical, etc. No longer troubled with the direction I was going. Excited to continue to improve and stay physically fit. Grateful to be able to handle anything physically, including rolling around on the floor w/ grandchildren.

Fun Facts:

Favorite Candy; anything chocolate

Hometown: Hollandale, Wis. , a small southwestern Wisconsin farming community

Any odd skills? nothing odd

Occupation and hobbies outside of CrossFit? Worked at IBM for 37 years as a hardware development engineer. Spend my retirement time working our 18 acre home & baby sitting my grandchildren

Favorite Lift : enjoy any presses, trying to improve my wimpy upper body

Favorite TV show: Seinfield

Favorite CrossFit athlete: Dave & Joshua

Favorite Color: love natural colors, blue sky & green grass

What gets you excited/inspired? watching my family of 4 children & 2 grandchildren grow & mature.


Thanks for being a valued member here at CrossFit Credence Scott! We look forward to many more years of training with you!