Athlete of the Month!


Athlete of the Month!

“I started CrossFit in October of 2014 and have been loving it ever since!

The first time I’d done anything like this, my main goal coming in was to get into better shape. Before working at the clinic I was a carpenter for  many years and one thing I noticed after the career switch was the amount of strength I lost so quickly. First introduced to CrossFit by seeing the games on TV, I thought it looked kinda interesting, not to mention some friends told me how much they liked it…so why not give it a try!  I still remember meeting Coach Dave for my first workout… We got done with the mini intro and I had to sit down and take a minute just to be able to talk to him. It was that moment I knew it was something I HAD to do.

As a husband and father of four kids, one of my favorite parts about coming to the box is bringing my boys with me. They love to watch me workout and even join in for a family fitness day! The community provided here is truly amazing and each Coach is always so ready and willing to help answer questions, give feedback, support me through any struggle and celebrate our accomplishments. CrossFit has also given me the ability to go out and do so many other things I enjoy, such as golfing, building, running marathons and spending quality time with my family.

What have I gained mentally and physically? What HAVEN’T I:

Physically my diet and eating habits have changed and I now WANT to put good, healthy food in my body. I’ve lost weight, gained strength and muscle definition and my clothes fit how I’ve always wanted them to (which is just as important to guys). Not only that, but I now have more than enough energy throughout the day and am crazy ambitious after getting my workout in.

Mentally I’m more confident, inside the gym and out, and am accomplishing skills that I never thought possible. Favorite movements are ANYTHING shoulder to overhead and it’s an amazing feeling to say that “I AM an RX athlete.” But honestly? One of the best things I’ve gotten from this gym is the strong belief in MYSELF again, and the knowledge that when I leave everything on the mat, I truly wake up each new day just a little bit stronger.”

– Erick Weckwerth

Credence STRONG

Get to know Eric better with some fun facts!

Hometown: Wells, MN

Guilty Pleasure: The original Hershey’s Milk Chocolate candy bar

Hobbies: Carpentry and Woodworking

Favorite Lift: Bench Press

Odd Skill: I have an uncanny memory with people that I meet… it’s like a steel trap up there

Color of Choice: Orange (I know I know, but Credence green clashes with my skin tone!)

Addicted to: The Big Bang Theory

Secret Crush: Rich Froning

What inspires me: When I can see that the light finally turns on when teaching my kids something – it’s one of the best moments/feelings ever as a Dad


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