Congratulations Credence


Congratulations Credence

Today we are offering Congratulations to TWO outstanding groups of Athletes!


Team Credence made an amazing showing at the Festivus Games on Saturday, taking on Bar-over-Burpees, Max effort Front Squats, and WallBall Shots just to name a few.


Our athletes included Lori Bachman, Kris Biar, Charron McLeod, Jen Curran, Nicole Sharp, Sonja Hamm, Whitney Michelle, Deanna Thompkins, Monica Schroeder, Amy Gorsh, Heidi Reith, Mandy Satterfield, Stephanie Holst, Russ Hamm, Corey Demmer and Brent Thomas, who brought home 3rd place in the men’s intermediate division! Congratulations to each of you on your hard work and dedication. Word on the street is the other Boxes could identify our folks simply by the enthusiasm of their cheering section. Thank you for showing the community what we are all about at CrossFit Credence!


Our Second shout goes out to Troop 009 of Worlds Best Bootcamp Southeast Minnesota, who earned their graduation certificates Saturday morning.  These athletes completed 6 weeks of CrossFit style training, Squat Goddess or Pushup Pimp challenges and bonus training as well as implementing a new healthy nutrition regimen to earn their unbelievable results.


From Troop 009, joining us on the CrossFit side as part of our Silver Nano’s Class will be WBBC Veteran Vona Murrell, Paul and Julie Pendergrass as well as Jeannaine Hensly who’s husband Jeff is also a WBBC graduate, and Silver Nano. You’ll also be seeing Coley Reynertson, Chris Pollack, Kelly Arroyo, Kim Smith, and Edwin Squirewell around the Box as they take on beginners class and transition into CrossFit. We want to offer each of you a warm Credence WELCOME!


Earning “WBBC Veteran” status by joining us again for Troop 010 are JLo and Beyonce (also known as Sandra Garcia and Kris Salzwedel) Kris was our Troop 009 $200 winner, losing nearly 8 inches and shaving a full 4 minutes off of her baseline workout! Sandra also set a new WBBC Southeast Minnesota Record by losing an astounding 19 inches in 6 weeks. Also earning their stripes will be Amber Murrell, Cindy Cerda, and Lindsey Hanenberger. We are SO thrilled to have you with us and look forward to watching you continue to crush your goals come May 2nd.


As we Congratulate these athletes on their accomplishments and welcome new faces to our CFC family I am filled with pride and gratitude for the community that we have here.

We are, and always will be