Did you know? The secret life of Fish Oil.


Did you know? The secret life of Fish Oil.


Anyone who can read a label knows that Fish Oil is essential for healthy joints as well as keeping that ticker running strong.

So in honor of our April Product of the Month your staff at CFC decided to have some fun and share a few of the less well known facts about fish oil with you in hopes of  illustrating just how BIG an impact a LITTLE of this power supplement can have!



Without further ado we bring you, fun with fish oil!


Did you know that this supplement can act as a vasodilator? Read: Increased blood flow… (Men….we are just going to leave that right here…) 


Those pesky rips in your hands you’ve been experiencing? Yes, it can help with those too! Fish oil is excellent for increasing the strength and elasticity of your SKIN! In fact …. 


Those same anti-inflammatory properties that keep your joints feeling great can also aid in reducing and eliminating ACNE on the face AND back! Who doesn’t want less break outs!? 


Feeling a little down? Fish oil has that covered! It has been PROVEN as a powerful antidepressant! Not only that but recent studies show it also aids in cognition. Meaning it can help you be HEALTHY, HAPPY, and SMART! 


As your Coaches we care deeply about all aspects of your health and well-being, so next time you’re in the Box PLEASE ask us for a sample and let’s get you on the fast track to overall wellness with this wonder supplement, in stock, right here at CrossFit Credence.


Staff Favorites: 


Dave and Allie Timm: “We love the SFH liquid fish oil! Not only is it SUPER absorbable by the body but it tastes great, especially chilled!” 


Laurianne Faugstad: “I am a HUGE fan of Advocare Omegaplex! I love that I can toss the bottle in my bag if I’m running around so I don’t forget to take it and I get literally ZERO fishy aftertaste. Also the capsules are so easy to swallow!”