Friday, November 18, 2016


Friday, November 18, 2016


3 The LORD is slow to anger but great in power; the LORD will not leave the guilty unpunished. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet. Nahum 1:3

30 reps of box jump for height. Work on explosiveness & using your hips. Take your time betw reps. You are working on being explosive, fast and powerful.
Strength B
Rest to recover betw all sets
3 x 5 Strict Shoulder press, 75-80% of 1RM phyf
3 x 2 Push Press, max load ea set
3 x 2 Push Jerk, max load ea set
Rest to recover
2 x 10 push press, 70% of 1RM
2 x 5-min ME row for calories, rest 3min betw
Additional Work
1) 5 rds resting to recover betw rds, wearing 10/20# vest
9/9 pistols to same leg
2 rope climbs2)12 x 2 Power Clean, start at 70% of 1RM and build to a heavy final 3 sets. Rest to recover betw sets

3)2 x 90sec BW plank ending ea set with 50 ab mat sit-ups, rest to recover betw sets