From Skeptic to Sold


From Skeptic to Sold



This month, exclusively for our CFC members, we are offering 10% off ALL Progenex products that are pre-ordered by May 15th (TODAY) We’ve had a number of inquiries about supplements lately, particularly Cocoon, so we decided to fill you in on what this product is, and how it can help YOU achieve your goals.

In a nutshell:

“PROGENEX Cocoon is a special nighttime formula featuring micellar casein and Metamorphagen™. As a slow digesting protein, micellar casein stimulates protein synthesis through a sustained release of amino acids throughout the night, promoting muscle building while preventing muscle wasting. This slow, steady drip of amino acids is not only critical for protein synthesis, but is also crucial for immune system support.”


In english, amino acids are the building blocks of protein, muscles = protein.


This product will provide you with a slow release of what your body needs to sustain and build muscle, while you sleep.


But that is not all!


“Cocoon not only stimulates protein synthesis, it also contains the perfect amounts of Metamorphagen™—the powerful tryptophan peptide that reduces sleep interruptions while fostering deep, sound, restorative sleep so that you wake up feeling strong, rested, and fully recovered.”


Enlgish: Sleep like a baby


You may be reading this thinking the same thing I did,




However after buying a sample pack of the Cinnamon Slumber flavor, I am now eating, or should I say drinking, my own words. After my first time using it, I woke up from a BEAUTIFUL night’s sleep feeling fresh, markedly less sore, and ready to take on the day. For a Crossfitting Mom to 2 and 4 year old boys, that is saying something, but don’t take my word for it!


On getting a restful sleep: “I thought it was all a load of crap, so I decided to take a dose in the middle of the afternoon. It wasn’t long before I was struggling to stay awake!” – Katrina Sobczak 


“I use Cocoon every night, for a great night’s sleep AND a great recovery.” – Dave Timm


Stop by Monday, from 4-8pm to chat with a PROGENEX Rep, and sample not only Cocoon, but their full line of supplements and find out for yourself what the buzz is all about!