Monday- Sleds 7-13-15


Monday- Sleds 7-13-15

Warm Up

Running Drill

50m Sled push (Empty)
10 Push Ups


Overhead Squat (20 min clock)

Spend 20 min Working up to a heavy single (Not a Max…Meaning if u fail your done)
At least 10 sets to find a heavy single…
If you struggle with OHS get 60-100+ Reps in of Wall-facing Squats(work hands overhead if possible)

With remaining time of the 20 min work on the following…

1. Handstand Walks/Holds
2. Wall walks/Holds


Every 5 min (4 sets)

– 100m (50m down and back) Sled Push Sprints
– 20 jumping lunges OR Air squats
– Max Rep Push Ups

Sled Weights

Rec: Round 1– 95/45 Rd 2– 45/empty Rd 3– Empty/no sled Rd 4– no sled/no sled

Rx: Round 1– 135/95 Rd 2 95/45 Rd 3– 45/empty Rd 4– Empty/no sled


Bridge stretch 30 sec- 1 min holds x 2
Hamstring Stretches


They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

– Romans 1:25