New Programming Cycle


New Programming Cycle

Team Credence,

Great News!

We will be making and baking new PR’s starting today, Monday April 6th!

They will be ready to display May 11/13th/14th…

What am I talking about, you say???

We are starting a 6 week strength block with a goal of increasing our back squat/strict press/and deadlift…
Monday/wednesday/friday will be focused on a variation of these movements with Tuesday and Thursday being more focused on the Olympic lifting techniques (Snatch/Clean and Jerk) with some gymnastics and general conditioning (run/row/bike/jump rope) sprinkled in as well.
Saturdays will be a combination of Core work/long chippers/and just plain get’n after some challenging WODs.

Im looking forward to seeing all the progress we make as a team over these next 6 weeks!

– Coach Josh