Elizabeth Clark

Social Media Manager and Coach

Elizabeth Clark

Social Media Manager and Coach


Hey! My name is Elizabeth Clark and I work as a Social Media Manager and Coach here at CrossFit Credence. I have a B.A in Mass Communications, specializing in Advertising, ran a successful campaign for Mall of America and have been personally and professionally immersed in the CrossFit/Fitness industry for about 7 years now.

As a leader of this business, I honestly have done a little bit of everything, but am currently focused on the planning, development and implementation and management of all social media pages. I also create and drive physical and online content along with promotional materials, engage in copywriting and web/graphic design and like to video, photograph and edit whenever I can! To be a part of something that I love and also participate in a community of athletes and members who inspire internally and externally, is more than I could want for myself!

I have a passion for communication, the fitness industry and telling stories of the amazing things each individual accomplishes here at our gym. Level one certified, I love to personal train, coach and assist others in reaching their goals. When I’m not working, training or connecting with my family (gym and otherwise), I love reading, soaking in worship, spending time outdoors with my Scottish Terrier Josie and work at Minnesota Adult&Teen Challenge. Thank you for the opportunity to serve, take part and participate in all of your amazing journey’s here at CFC!

Coach Elizabeth’s degrees and certifications
  • B.A. in Mass Communications
  • Graduated with Honors in Advertising and Social Media Management
  • Minor in Dance
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Recovery Coach Specialist