Thursday, “Gymnastics Day” August 3rd 2017


Thursday, “Gymnastics Day” August 3rd 2017


Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

James 1:22 NIV


*Spend 10 min at each exercise before moving on


1. HS walk, 5x10ft, or 10 minutes of practicing walking/balancing on your hands.
*Start with wall walks and try and increase the distance you can walk off the wall and get back.
This will significantly help your balance

2. Strict Chin-ups 5×5, supinated hands
(use a resistance band or weighted vest to go unbroken for 5)

3. Ring pushups 3×12, hollow, externally rotate hands on lockout.

4. Supinated Bent-over barbell rows 4x 10reps

5. Planks, 5 rounds- straight through
:30 Right side plankĀ +
:30 Left +
:30 middle, no rest between rounds.