Thursday “Hard Work Pays off” 2-18-16


Thursday “Hard Work Pays off” 2-18-16

Machine Skill

A. Static Dips/Push Ups: 3 sets x5 reps; 40X1
10x Push Ups 3 sets x5 reps; 40X1
B. Skill:  Strict Press x8-10; 2020
*choose light weight (barbell + 5-10lbs is needed)

Comp Skill

A1. 1x Press, 3x Push Press, 5x Push Jerk
(any overhead issues go to bench instead of OH Press for 8 reps)
A2. Muscle Ups Progressions: (MU negatives or MU transitions)
or sub
Barbell bent over rows x8 reps

Machine WOD

Full Tabata at each station, 1 round rest after all 8 are complete
1)Wall Ball
2)No Push Up Burpee
3) Jump Rope

Comp WOD

For Time:21-15-9

1) Box Jumps
2) Wall ball
3) Burpees

Cash Out

*Alternating Superman/hollow rock finisher 20sec on 10sec off for 4 min