Thursday, May 25th 2017


Thursday, May 25th 2017


Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up.

Romans 15:2 NIV

Gymnastics Strength (20min)

Tempo Training

1. AMRAP- Handstand Push Ups

Rx– @30×3 (goal is 5-10 reps)
Scale to 3 sec negative with no hold on top
*scale to box as needed for position and reps

Rest as needed

2. AMRAP- Pull Ups w/ 3sec chin over bar hold

Rx– add 3 sec negative @30×3 tempo
(thats 3 sec negative, zero transition time, X= explosive pull, 3 sec Hold)
*goal is 5-10 reps

Try to get 5 Rounds + of work in

“Counting – It seems silly to even mention how to count seconds, but I have heard many clients audibly count to 4 in less than one second while under a heavy load.  So, to ensure that your 4 second count and mine are the same, use “one thousands,” as in: 1-one thousand, 2-one thousand, 3-one thousand, 4-one thousand.”
-CJ Martin(from tempo link above)


3 Rounds (each for time)
*Get faster each round

15/20 Cal Bike Sprint
20m DB Bear Crawl  (25/45)x2
Rest 2-3min as needed for full recovery

Additional Core

30sec on 30 sec Off

  1. Hollow Rocks
  2. Arch Rocks
  3. Side Plank right
  4. Side Plank left