Tuesday “Trips Sprint” June 7th


Tuesday “Trips Sprint” June 7th

Tuesday June 7th




All levels
4 x 4 Good Mornings, all at light loads for ROM and position,

stay between 65-95# and work on establishing the movement, rest to recover betw sets


3 x 3-min AMRAPS resting 1min betw ea

3 burpees
3/3 KB Snatch Machine-20/30, RX/COMP35/50
3 TTB or hanging knee raises

Rest to recover

3 x 10/10 weighted step-up (20in) holding KBs in front rack position, rest up to 1min btw sets

Rest to recover

Accumulate 2min of L Sit Hold, resting 20sec btw breaks

Rest 1min

2min BW plank hold

Additional Work

5 x 3 high hang snatch, all at 70% of 1RM for skill, rest up to 90sec betw sets

Rest 2-3min

12 singles of high hang snatch, all at loads greater than 80% of 1RM hang snatch, rest to recover betw reps.