What Our Gym Offers



Small group classes led by a certified Coach. Work towards decidedly fit, built lean muscle, the readiness for anything outside these walls and an ability to make your daily workout ingrained in your life. Our CrossFit program delivers on the creed of the program providing individuals a fun, challenging, and rewarding journey to achieve an unparalleled level of fitness through regular group class attendance.



Credence Sports Performance

The Sports Performance Program at CrossFit Credence is a proven & customizable strength, speed, energy system development and injury prevention training. Our program is designed for middle, highschool and college athletes looking to significantly improve their performance.



Personal Training

Did you know that CrossFit Credence offers world-class personal training? Our team works 1-on-1, in private or small group sessions, with individuals to support their life, athletic, and longterm goals. Whether you have a rigorous job, need help with accountability, or have a specific athletic goal in mind, our trainers will create a program designed to fit your needs and ensure maximum results.



STAY HEALTHY. STAY POSITIVE. STAY IN SHAPE! Get your fitness on from home with CFC LIVE classes, 100% access to our online group and personal coaching! Our classes are lead by a coach, require no equipment, and offers options for scaling up or down as needed. Jump into class with our awesome community to keep moving and get support when you need it most.



Silver Nanos

You are 50 and over but not ready to slow down! You want to improve functional fitness such that your body supports the brain-body connection as you age. Our Silver Nanos Program is designed for the 50+ individual and increases strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. Join a fun, challenging, supportive environment with individuals who are taking back fitness, defying limits and restoring health. No previous exercise history required.

Weight Loss & Toning

All of our classes are designed to help you reach whatever aesthetic, performance, or health related goals you may have. If you’re interested in radical weight loss and toning, you’ll love our main CrossFit classes or the CredenceFit Challenge, with the option to work with our in house nutrition coach. You’ll learn to fuel your body for your day-to-day demands while challenging your body in a safe way under the guidance of our certified (experienced) coaches. Our monthly 6-week challenges are a great way kick-start your weight loss in safe supportive group environment.

Strength and Muscle Gain / Athletic Performance

Look no further than our CrossFit, barbell and personal training classes. These activities will challenge you to become a stronger athlete both mentally and physically. We also offer open gym time to give you the space and equipment to work on your own primary, accessory or sport specific programming.

Health and Longevity / Look Good, Feel Good

If health and longevity are your goals, along with looking good and feeling great, we got you! We encourage you to try the following classes: CrossFit, the Challenge, Ultimate Nutrition and personal training is also available to find the format that you enjoy or fits your current needs the most. Our staff and experienced coaches are here to work with you and develop a schedule that will make you thrive, both inside the gym, and out!

40+ Fitness

If you’re an older athlete or looking to get back into working out, want to reclaim your energy, move well and live a healthy life, you’re in good hands with us. Our Silver Nanos class will help you learn the basics of fitness, lifting and our staff is always happy to help you find options to scale movements up and down based on where you’re at! We’ll make sure you always get a safe, fun workout in this awesome group of individuals defying age and striving for long-term wellness.


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